Our mission at Boucherie Chartier is to share our passion for exceptional local products, delightful flavours, unbeatable freshness and to provide the best advice when it comes to preparing your meat. Ask one of our butchers for some creative ways to cook what you just bought: we know it all when it comes to serving great meals!


Boucherie Chartier strives to provide you with exceptional service and value for your dollar. Having the best local products for the most important part of your evening is at the center of what we strive for. Our desire is to give you a great experience every time you visit us, so that we can be sure to give you what you really need: an unforgettable meal.

Since 1996

Boucherie Chartier opened its doors in a small rented building to start. The shop stayed there for 10 years, providing great meat and developing the mastery we’re known for today, also transmitting the passion down the family tree.


​With time, there became an apparent need to expand, so the owners bought a new building where we’ve been now operating from for the last 7 years.


​The range of cooked dishes and the cold buffet service has exponentially grown since the beginning and we’ve build a very lovable, loyal clientele.

​Over the years, the range of cooked dishes and the cold buffet service have grown and Boucherie Chartier has created a loyal clientele. Daniel and Lynda also shared their passion with their nephew, Alexandre.

Since September 2018, a new administration has taken over, the Dubeau family, who share the same values, passion and quality of products you’ve known at Chartiers’. Our master butcher Alexandre is still part of the team and the great success of the business.

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